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30 April 2024

I created DULM in 2016 as a simple website that would loop the spoken words "Do you like memes?" indefinitely. Today, it is the host of a few somewhat popular web apps.

DULM probably won't die off, but it will be downsized and its significance will get lower as time goes on. DULM gets fucked in search results and search engine optimization, so my motivation to create new web apps for DULM is almost non-existent. DULM has also grown into a community, with dulmCraft being our Minecraft server and #dulm being our IRC channel across several IRC networks at this point. Because DULM has a community of dulmers and gets fucked by SEO (albeit not as much as it used to), I have a problem with creating new web-apps for DULM which may or may not make DULM viral again, as was the case with the Normie Test in 2019.

Based on this information, I know that there are three functions being filled by DULM right now:

  1. A community that gravitates towards Minecraft, IRC, VidLii and other tech-type things
  2. A platform in which to publish viral web-apps
  3. Continuing the tradition of the Do you like memes? meme

What I know for certain is there must be a new brand name that is more politically correct and friendly to normies. DULM is fucked by SEO and other algorithms because of its chuddy content.

Fun fact: Did you know DULM had a text board for a while? It went away in the middle part of 2022 because of my effort to make DULM seem more politically correct instead of just taking that big dick of establishing a new brand name. It would have at least 10,000 posts by now, which would be epic.

DULM will forever be tainted with this, so I believe the existing community of DULM can stay associated with the DULM brand. However, there will no longer be any new web apps being uploaded to DULM. The website will also probably not be updated going into the future.

Fun fact: Did you know that the "Do you like memes" meme came from a YouTube video titled DUMBASS GETS PEWDIEPIE TATTOO published on November 21st, 2015? iDubbbz goes around a street in some city in Australia telling people "Do you like memes?" to annoy them. My adolescent self thought this was funny as fuck so I started saying it to people to annoy them. In the middle of 2016, I made a website called "Do you like memes" and it went down in early 2017. I made DULM again in the later part of 2017 but it went down again. DULM finally came back in the early part of 2019 when I needed a platform to host the Normie Test on. I could have just made or some stupid shit but I didn't, I used the no-ip free sub-domain bullshit for several months until my retarded self realized a domain name is easily affordable and purchasable by myself, so I picked... because it was $2 USD at the time...

This blog post has been mostly a reminiscing of the history of DULM, but partly myself acknowledging DULM's decline and the absolute requirement for a friendly brand name to be created for my future web apps, while hopefully being able to maintain that soulful shitpost vibe that DULM has.

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