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Why I don't use NFS anymore

26 October 2022

I finally have a blog to post my thoughts on, and I have plenty of thoughts to share.

That being said,
I have beef with NearlyFreeSpeech.

They never actually did anything to me or my numerous web sites I've hosted with them in the last few years, but I have been away from their services for some time now for just one reason.

Woke faggotry.

This blog post from NFS is what I'm talking about.

I won't go full retard about politics, but when you say shit like "we have no interest in living in a sea of mayonnaise" when we all know damn well you guys don't live around ethnic minorities, you look like a dumb faggot. I highly recommend the NFS guys to go to the nearest BLACK BVLL and take some big black cock with no lube. We all want to see you guys on Blacked.

If this is for that woke hustle to keep glowboys out of your ass because of Q-tard shit on your servers, that's honestly fine, but if you're an anti-white faggot about it, fuck off. I hosted an anonymous textboard on DULM for a while, which was being hosted on NFS at that time, I realized my site could potentially be on the chopping block for not being faggy enough, so I quickly learned how to self-host on a Linux server and have not looked back since.

And the reality is, NFS is expensive. You should host your personal and hobby websites on Linux servers you directly have access to anyways. It will teach you valuable sys-admin skills, if the website doesn't work out you can host a Minecraft server on the server instead, and you can even host as many websites as you could ever want on a single server too.

NFS charges you by the resources you take. Virtual private server(VPS) providers charge you by the time you use their services, such as annually. If you're using a lot of bandwidth and processing on NFS, you'll eventually get a fat bill that grows larger than an annual 512MB unique-IPv4 server with a coupon deal from LowEndBox would cost you.

If you don't even know the difference between nginx and Apache, you're heading in the wrong direction in the hobby of website creation. Become more autonomous and don't get in situations where these faggots will rape your website because you're mayonnaise.