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26 October 2022

'Sup bros,

I have finally got off my ass and put a decent style on top of this minimalist PHP blog software.

I will begin writing tech-tips, reviews, and other cool stuff on here soon. If there's demand for an RSS feed, I'll implement one. Since I highly doubt anyone wants one, I'm not going to go to the extra mile to implement one.

You might have also noticed I caved into peer pressure and signed up for Discord. I still believe Discord is insecure and data-mining AIDS but I use it to chat with the homies.

Another thing is, I believe it is your American God-given right that you absolutely should exercise to host your own personal website, such as

Because there are pozzed services such as caard and Google Sites, bloated self-hosted things like WordPress, and the lazy method of making a personal website NeoCities, you should absolutely look into hosting your own personal website, whether it be on a low-power home-hosted device, an extremely cheap VPS server, or on a cheap web host.

Much like how every American should absolutely use their 2A rights, you, as a free man with God-given rights, should host your own web server for your personal portfolio or website just for the hell of it.
Why shouldn't you?