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What is the female orgasm?

1 May 2023

The female orgasm is just ASMR.

When the term "ASMR" was being coined, the M was originally going to be an O, for Orgasm. Men saw this and thought "what the fuck" and mansplained to the ladies that it should be an "M" instead, for "meridian", whatever the fuck that means.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, regarding the etymology of ASMR:
Although many colloquial and formal terms used and proposed between 2007 and 2010 included reference to orgasm, a significant majority objected to its use among those active in online discussions.

If you give a woman a scalp and body massage, whisper kind things in her ear, etc. that is considered "foreplay". Now you know why. The female orgasm is an ASMR response. Penis penetration of the vagina is a massage that results in ASMR in the woman.

Many women are unsure if they've ever had an orgasm before. When you learn what a female orgasm really is, you will become a pussy master. You are now part of a tiny minority of men who know what truly satisfies a woman during sex.